Gain insights into your communication and stay competitive

Make data-driven decisions

Use data to see when customers are trying to reach you, how long they are waiting in queues and how many agents are online to assist them. Start making informed decisions regarding your communication.

Find opportunities among your statistics

Identify trends and irregularities in how you communicate, both internal and external. Find what you need in terms of staffing or communication solutions to make your customer service more competetive.

Give your customers the service they expect

A company's (lack of) customer service is one of the major reasons why customers switch providers of a service or product. Stay competitive by offering the best service to your customers.

Make the most of your resources

Make sure your staff and customers are communicating in the most effective way possible and that your communication solutions are used as they are intended.


Web-based analytics and reporting platforms for communication service providers.

Meridix platform enables communication service providers to offer their customers insights regarding their internal and external communication. The platform collects and presents data from most of the well known communication solutions on the market today.
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Platform Partners
Visualizations adds interest to your data and makes it more understandable
Multi-tenant & White-label creates flexibility for your customers and easy support for you
Multi-module architecture lets you choose what communication data should be integrated into your solution
Dashboards brings all your reporting data together into one unified view

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In close collaboration with our partners

Together with our customers and partners we create a powerful platform with integrations against many of the communication solutions on the market today. We create value to our customers and partners by offering innovative and user-friendly analytics systems, along with high-class support and partner commitment.

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