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16 June, 2020

New feature: Extended visualizations

With the new version, 4.0, of the Meridix platform, a new feature has been added to make it even easier for you to analyze your data and reports. The new feature, Extended Visualizations, provides interesting insights with many new ways to view your reports in. From a heatmap where you quickly identifies irregularities among massive data to the data distribution analyzer which helps to evaluate how representative an average value is in a report. Each visualization aims to view the data in a particular way and assist you in finding new;left top;;auto large Heatmaps Heatmaps help you identify patterns […]
5 June, 2020

Dashboard Updates

Share your Dashboard with your organization Administrator users of the Meridix Platform can now share Dashboards with other users. This helps managers to spread their work after creating a nice Dashboard and help others get started with this feature. It also simplifies for sales representatives, when selling a communication product and showcasing the Dashboard functionality. A Dashboard can be created and shared by many sales representatives, which saves both time and energy of the sales process. The same Dashboard can then be shared with new customers, to help them get started and make them feel like they are getting the […]
20 December, 2019

Meridix initiates partnership with TeleProffs and Office Management

Teleproffs and Office Management have chosen Meridix platform to provide their customers with statistical services. We are looking forward to our partnership and to help more customers see the opportunities that come with measuring and assessing their communication.justifyno-repeat;left top;;auto
18 October, 2019

Meridix continue to grow globally

Meridix initiates new partnerships with companies around the globe. We look forward to starting to work with Sweden-based EasyTelefoni, Marley Communications from the UK, and Kloutricity from;left top;;auto
2 October, 2019

Streamline your statistics management with Meridix Dashboard

Streamline your statistics management with Meridix Dashboard
24 September, 2019

New cooperation with both local and global companies

We are happy to announce our new cooperation with Ålands Telekommunikation and Telenabler. Both companies operate in the communications industry but in different markets. Ålands Telekommunikation operates mainly on Åland while Telenabler is a global company established in both Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Brazil .no-repeat;left top;;auto
8 January, 2019

Meridix has a new reseller, Electra Sweden AB

Meridix has signed an agreement with Electra Sweden AB who owns and drives the concepts Ringup, AudioVideo, Digitalbutikerna, and The;left top;;auto
13 December, 2018

Meridix adds support for German, Italian and Spanish

Meridix currently supports 9 different languages: Swedish, English, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Japanese, German, Italian, and;left top;;auto
8 October, 2018

Meridix has a new reseller in Finland, Setera International Oy.

We are very pleased to have signed an agreement with Setera International;left top;;auto