In close collaboration with our partners

We work with the biggest telecom carriers in Scandinavia, municipalities, customers in all sectors and communication service providers of all sizes. Along with our partners we have created a powerful analytics and reporting platform for various communication solutions.

Meridix platform is a scalable multi-module platform that can be fully integrated into existing portals and ecosystems which makes it feel like a native part of the commercial and technical offering. This gives end-customers a simple and unified way of accessing and working with their data as well as all the benefits it adds from a marketing, management and support perspective for the service provider.

Multi-tenant and white label

Meridix platform has a multi-tenant function which allows service providers to have a separate tenant for all of their customers in their own installation (also compatible for resellers who have a lot of different systems in their product portfolio).

Due to extensive white label support, the user interface can then be changed per system and tenant through a theme package model. It allows customers to easily modify the user interface to match their company profile, which is ideal when the report system should be integrated in a portal or sold as part of a suite of other products.

By utilizing the multi-tenant and white label features we make it easier for service providers and resellers to administrate their customers' systems.

Hosting and scaling opportunities

With multi-tenant possibilities and varying number of users, it's crucial to allow a Meridix installation to scale both up and down (more or less computing power) as well as out and in (more or less servers) depending on the customer's needs. During specific peak hours, it's also possible to increase the amount of servers/agents.

Meridix platform is a cloud-based solution and is reachable through your browser. No need for your own big installation, investments in new servers, or licensing for OS and databases. At Meridix systems we always evaluate each customer's size and needs in an effort to provide them with the best solution and lowest cost possible.

Simple and flexible license agreement

Since no company has the same needs as the other we understand the importance of flexibility. This is why we only offer two types of licenses (basic and advanced), but our partners can choose to offer their customers the same licenses, or mix and match features into their own license model.

Basic & Advanced licenses

Meridix basic license include simple and predefined template reports that are both easy to create and understand. The advanced license include a powerful report generator that contains more features and additional data, as well as advanced grouping and comparison features.

Custom-made licenses

Our partners can decide to extend the same licenses to their own customers or modify them. A partner could offer a basic license whilst including features from the advanced license. The features to choose from depends on what license the partner has purchased from Meridix systems.

System features per license model*
Excel (XLSX, CSV) exports
Customizable Dashboards
External content in Dashboards
Hierarchical catalog structure with unlimited depth
Customize and save reports
Scheduled reports
HTTP Report API - (Json, JWT)
Extended visualizations

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Integrated modules

Meridix Platform collects data from multiple communication solutions through several integrated modules and presents them in one unified user interface. A customer installation can contain any number and combination of modules, depending on the customer's needs. Regardless of which modules are integrated, the platform is designed to give users a consistent way of creating reports.

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Support to customers and partners

By providing our partners and customers with user guides and generic marketing material, we make it easier for our end users to obtain information on Meridix platforms. Contact our Marketing department if you want to know more on how we can help you.

Contact Meridix marketing

Our support team helps our partners with both technical issues and webinars regarding functions on the platform.

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What our partners and customers say about us

"As a customer centre manager and customer it is important for me that the supplier is not only satisfied with its own development, but ours as well. After 18 years in the industry I know by definition that Meridix is a strong factor for our development today and an important supplier of technology and expertise in balance."

Tord Jansson - Customer center manager - Samhall

"Thanks to Meridix Systems and their user-friendly interface we have easily been able to develop calling patterns in our switchboard and staffed completely based on this. We have then increased our service level significantly which gave us a Silver place in SM in Telephony."

Runa Alfvén - Telephony Manager - Dahl Sverige

"We work together with the customer in focus and with this we aim to apply simple yet powerful tools for helping our customers and their different types of operations. With TeliaSonera’s “cloud” services we address several segments and Meridix is well suited regardless of customer size."

Stefan Bjurström - Global Product Manager - TeliaSonera AB

"A sleek and powerful product which is easy and intuitive to work with. Meridix is a professional and helpful supplier which has integrated its product to our platform brilliantly."

Jesper Wallin - Technical Product Manager Switching Services - Tele2