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Meridix platform is an analytics and reporting platform which collects data from multiple communication solutions and presents them in one simple and unified user interface. By providing extensive reports derived from the data, our end customers are able to make informed decisions. These decisions will guide them towards a better communication, which in turn will ensure a competitive service level.

Meridix Platform collects and generates data from multiple communication solutions into exportable reports. Regardless which communication solution and data provider our customers have, the report creator works in the same simple, but powerful, way.

To simplify for users of Meridix platform we have cleaned up all information overflow and functionalities as much as possible. With Basic Reports you get simple and predefined template reports that are both easy to create and understand.

Advanced reports contain more features and additional data than the basic reports. It also includes advanced grouping and comparison features.

Visualizations add interest and hold your readers attention while presenting findings from all the data. Make your data more understandable and memorable.

Design a Dashboard with different report data, appearance, media files and much more. Present statistics from different data sources in one place. It's responsive for all your monitors.

Export your data to continue your work and further distribution outside the platform. Or set up recurrent scheduled exports so your colleagues get updated reports directly in their mailbox.

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Multi-module architecture

Meridix platform has finished modules with integrations towards several well-known communication solutions and data sources. With a multi-module architecture, a customer installation can contain any number and combination of modules. Each module is built specifically for every installation with the intent to provide customers with the most relevant information possible.

Not all communication solutions and data sources deliver the same information into the platform. However, once a user has learned to use one type of module they can use all the other supported modules in the same way. The multi-module architecture gives service providers the ability to provide their customers with one coherent reporting solution for all their offerings.

Collaborations with well-known communication systems

Meridix platform supports several of the most well-known communication systems on the market. We are continuously working with expanding the functionality on the platform with new partners and integrations.

With a wide network and close collaborations, we create a powerful platform that is used and trusted by service providers all over the world.

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